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RB X Girl With Pearls Floral Barrettes


Collaborating over their love of palette & colour combinations, Rachael & Nini wanted to design a trio of barrettes.This bespoke collection uses beautiful Murano glass beads, gold detailing & precious pastels- created by Nini in her visually delicious studio in Germany.


'The Poppy' (€45) , 'Camellia' (€38) & The 'Summer Flower' (€24)


"Art and Jewelry have always played a major role in my life, so I wanted to connect these two interests together, to create ''wearable art''- Nini 

Every barrette is lovingly hand-made & unique. For more information of Girl with Pearls, visit Nini's website:

RB X Girl With Pearls Floral Barrettes

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